CBWC | Waterloo


Core Values

  • Relationship and Respect

We value ethical, respectful, and positive relationships among our members, with community partners, and with the wider community.

  • Commitment and Loyalty

We value the commitment and loyalty of our members and volunteers to the philosophy of the organization.

  • Collaboration and Communication

We value collaboration within and beyond our organization. We promote open, honest, and respectful communications in all our interactions.

  • Leadership and Mentorship

We encourage proactive leadership and the development of our members and community through strategic planning and forums. We believe in the engagement of members and volunteers in vital and meaningful roles.

  • Teamwork

We respect the diversity in each other and we value teamwork; working together, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

  • Accountability and Integrity

We value openness, honesty, and fairness in all that we say and do, and we are accountable for our actions and inactions.